International Chopin Piano festivals in Duszniki-Zdroj

Duszniki Zdrój Duszniki-Zdrój, beautiful health resort in Ziemia Klodzka region of Poland, is situated in a picturesque valley, at the height of 570 meters ASL, between Stolowe, Orlickie and Bystrzyckie mountains (Sudety), on the mountain stream - BystrzycaDusznicka.
The place has been known for its spring of mineral waters since the beginning of the 18th century. In 1769 the waters of "Zimny" spring were officially categorized as healing waters and this fact influenced further history of the city in a significant way. Duszniki entered the 19th century being a well-known and reputable health resort.

In 1826, by the advice of doctors and professor Jozef Elsner, Fryderyk Chopin (16-year-old at that time) came to Duszniki (called then Reinerz), to cure his health weakened by the sickness. The young pianist came to Duszniki on August, 3rd together with his mother and sisters – Emilia and Ludwika. During his stay he played two charitable concerts. In 1946, the 120th anniversary of Chopin concerts in Duszniki, there came up an idea to organize Chopin Festival. Persons who took part in the first festival were: Zofia Rabcewiczowa, Henryk Sztompka and Zdzisław Jachimecki.
Chopin Festival, organized annually, has become a big international event.
International Chopin Piano Festival in Duszniki -Zdroj is world's oldest, continuously running piano festival, as well as the oldest music festival in Poland.

With years the festival has gained its artistic prestige and international rank. Many greatest pianist and Chopin music performers took part in the festival, among others: Vladimir Askenazy, Bella Dawidowicz, Halina Czerny-Stefańska, Wiktor Mierżanow, Stefan Askenazy, Światosław Richter, Emanuel Ax, Garrick Ohlsson, Arcadi Volodos, Grigory Sokolow, Nelson Freire, Nikolai Lugansky, Nikolai Demidenko, Brigitte Engerer, Boris Berezovsky, all Polish laureates of Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw, and recently laureates of prestigious international piano competitions, such as Van Cliburn (Fort Worth), Queen Elisabeth (Brussels), Tchaikovsky (Moscow), Rubinstein (Tel Aviv), Hamamatsu and many more.

Festival always begins on the first Friday of August and lasts nine days with two concerts daily at 04:00pm and 08:00pm.
Duszniki Festival is one of the most attended and loved music festivals in Poland offering world-famous as well as young and undiscovered artists.

Festival's concerts will be accompanied by master classes for the group of six Polish students, who distinguish themselves with talent and artistic achievements. They have a great opportunity to work with magnificent pedagogues, invited to Duszniki. Up to now those were, among others: Andrzej jasiński, Dominique Merlet, Evgeni Mogilevsky, Alexei Nasiedkin, Vera Gornostaeva, Arie Vardi, Vladimir Krainev , John O'Conor, JacquesRouvier, Dang Thai Son, Joaquin Soriano, Jerome Rose, Choong Mo Kang, Bernard Ringeissen, Dina Yoffe, Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń. The audience of the master classes consists of pedagogues, students of Polish academies and music schools and music lovers. Master classes are free for public.

Festival is organized by Foundation of International Chopin Festivals in Duszniki-Zdroj. More information at

Duszniki Zdroj is a city rich with history and tradition. It is a paradise for nature lovers and an attractive place throughout the year for people who appreciate sports.
Duszniki Zdroj is a perfect place where you can commune with culture. The International Chopin Piano festival has become the cultural tradition of the spa, during which Duszniki- Zdroj turns into a meeting place for the most talented pianists, virtuosos, educators and music critics from around the world.

Due to COVID-19 pandemics, and difficulties associated with it, the program of the 75th Festival in Duszniki-Zdrój is changing. Pianists from Poland and pianists living in European Union countries will play concerts.


77 International Chopin Piano Festival in Duszniki-Zdroj, 5-13 August 2022

30th jubilee festival of the artistic director of the festival, professor Piotr Paleczny 

Concerts: Every day at 4 pm and 8 pm, Chopin Manor

5 August - Bruce Liu
6 August - Jonathan Founel / Bomsori – violin, Rafał Blechacz – piano
7 August - Juan Perez Floristan / Jussen & Jussen duo
8 August - Dmytro Choni / Dang Thai Son
9 August - Chloe Jiyeong Mun / NOKTURN o 21:00
10 August - Aimi Kobayashi / Alexander Gavrylyuk
11 August - Kyohei Sorita / Marcin Zdunik – cello, Aleksander Dębicz – piano
12 August - Alim Beisembayev / Vadym Kholodenko
13 August - winner of Van Cliburn 2022 Yuchan Lim / Jan Lisiecki


76. International Chopin Piano Festival, Duszniki-Zdrój , 6-14 August 2021

6 August – Seong-Jin Cho
7 August – Piotr Alexewicz, Adam Kałduński / Antonio Pompa-Baldi
8 August – Jakub Kuszlik, Kamil Pacholec / Elżbieta Stefańska
9 August – Piotr Pawlak, Andrzej Wierciński / Martin James Bartlett
10 August – Alexander Kobrin / NOKTURN (g. 22:00)
11 August - Nicolas Namoradze / Nikita Mndoyants
12 August – Maria Eydman / Daniel Ciobanu
13 August – Shiori Kuwahara / Genove & Dimitrov
14 August – Sofya Gylyak // Eric Lu

Master classes: prof.Zbigiew Raubo (7-10 August 2021) and prof. Alexander Kobrin (11-14 August 2021).

75. International Chopin Piano Festival, Duszniki-Zdrój 7-15 August 2020
7 August 2020 – Yulianna Avdeeva
8 August 2020 - Piotr Alexewicz / Federico Colli
9 August 2020 - Tymoteusz Bies / Szymon Nehring
10 August 2020 – Adam Kałduński / Dmitri Alexeev
11 August 2020 - Kamil Pacholec / Jan Jiracek von Arnim
12 August 2020 – Zuzanna Pietrzak / Philippe Giusiano
13 August 2020 – Piotr Pawlak/ Arcadi Volodos
14 August 2020 – Jakub Kuszlik / Alberto Nosè
15 August 2020 – Andrzej Wierciński / Kevin Kenner
Master classes: 7-11August 2020 – prof. Dimitri Alexeev / 12-15 sierpnia 2020 – prof. Jan Jiracek von Arnim

74. International Chopin Piano Festival,  Duszniki-Zdrój  2-10 August 2019
2 August - Lucas & Arthur JUSSEN
3 August - Joanna MARCINKOWSKA / Alexandre KANTOROW
4 August - Tomasz RITTER / Janusz OLEJNICZAK
5.August - Yasuko FURUMI / Behzod ABDURAIMOV
6 August - Laureaci konkursu NIFC Mateusz KRZYŻOWSKI, Adam Kałduński NOKTURN- Róża ŚWIATCZYŃSKA
7 August - SooBeen LEE - violin Marcin SIKORSKI – piano / Charles RICHARD-HAMELIN
8 August - Aristo SHAM / MECCORE string Quartet iCh.RICHARD-HAMELIN
9 August - George HARLIONO / Kate LIU
10 August - Eva GEVORGYAN / Ian FOUNTAIN

Master classes: prof. Stanislav IOUDENICH, prof. Francisco CRUZ PLAZA

73. International Chopin Piano Festival in Dusznikach-Zdroju, 3 -11 August 2018
3 August - Wojciech Świtała
4 August - Luigi Carroccia, Daniel Ciobanu
5 August- Andrey Gugnin, Jonathan Plowright
6 August - P.Alexewicz, T.Bies, Ewa Pobłocka i Multitio
7 August - Alexander Ullman, NOKTURN (prowadzi Adam Rozlach)
8 August - Martin James Bartlett , Rachel Cheung
9 August -Jakub Jakowicz-skrzypce, Bartosz Bednarczyk–fortepian, Boris Giltburg
10 August - Remi Geniet,, Alessio Bax i Lucille Chung, piano duo
11 August - Eric Lu, Sergei Babayan
Master classes:
4 - 7 August 2018- profesor Vanessa Latarche , 8 - 11 August 2018 – profesor Eugen Indjic